Bajaj Auto Finance Customer Care, BAFL Email Support

Bajaj Auto Finance customer care number and a few other contact details are given her. Using these details, you can contact BAFL for any queries or complaints.
About the company: Bajaj Auto finance is a part of the Bajaj group which is one of the largest business groups in India.  This company has been in operations since 1987 and has spread in every corner of the country. They offer vehicle loans for almost all Bajaj manufactured vehicles. They have modern services which include automated cheque handling, loan accounting and online services to ensure that the customers experience a hassle free experience.

Customer Care Info

Below are the local helpline numbers. Use your state’s phone number to reach out to the local Bajaj Auto customer care team. There is support for 11 Indian languages and the service executives are available between 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m (Monday to Saturday).

  • Maharashtra – 92258-11110
  • Gujarat – 85301-33222
  • Tamil Nadu – 93450-33222
  • Kerala – 93870-33222
  • Chattisgarh – 93026-33222
  • Bihar – 85308-33222
  • Karnataka – 93794-33222
  • Rajasthan – 93516-33222
  • Punjab – 93576-33222
  • Delhi – 74289-33222
  • Orissa – 93378-33222
  • Madhya Pradesh – 74894-33222
  • Uttar Pradesh – 74995-33222
  • Jharkhand – 93045-33222
  • West Bengal – 93784-33222
  • Andhra Pradesh – 93901-33222

You can email your queries or complaints to the above given email address. Please note that calling on the helpline numbers is a faster way of getting a resolution. Email responses usually take some time.

Social Media Handles

  • Official FB page:
  • Twitter Handle:

Want to write a physical letter?

  • Customer Care Desk, Bajaj Finance Ltd, Yamuna Nagar Gate, Old Mumbai Pune highway, Akurdi, Pune 411035

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