Prestige Water Purifier Customer Care, Contact Details

Prestige has a wide range of kitchen products in India. Their water purifiers are pretty popular due to the different types of body types they are available in. Apart from the normal materials, prestige offers water purifiers with Steel, copper, earthern pot and brass base
The Prestige Water Purfier customer care number given here will be useful for addressing any queries or complaints related to their products. We have mentioned the toll free number and a few other contact details below. (more…)

Livpure Toll Free Customer Care, Livpure Support Information

livpureLivpure is one of India’s leading air and water purification companies. They have  a wide range of water purification solutions for the Indian market. A buyer can choose a product depending on his/her requirement. RO, UV, Commercial RO, Gravity are some of the types of purifiers that the company manufactures.
Livpure customer care details given below will be useful for all warranty and service related issues. You can also request for a demo by calling on the toll free support number given below. (more…)

Blue Star Water Purifier Customer Care, Toll Free Support

Blue Star has a wide range bs water purifierof water purifying solutions for commercial as well as personal use. The company has some excellent products which require very less maintenance  and are highly efficient. You can check their entire range of coolers and water purifiers on their official website.
Blue Star Water Purifiers customer care info is given below. Toll free number, email support address and a few other contact details are given below. You can use these details to reach out to the Blue Star customer care team for any queries or complaints. (more…)

LG Water Purifier Customer Care

LG has recently set its foot in the water purifier segment. Equipped with state of the art filtration and hygiene storgage, LG water purifiers offer the best pure water possible. They have a wide range of purifiers to choose from. One can check all the products on their official website and choose a Purifier that suits his/her needs.
LG water purifier toll free number and a few other contact details are given below. You can use these details to contact their customer care team for any queries or concerns. (more…)

AO Smith Water Purifier Customer Care

AO Smith manufactures heaters and water purifiers for the Indian market. The company is one of the most trusted and reliable companies in India. They have a wide range of water purifiers suited for every requirement (commercial or personal).
For after sales support, the AO Smith Water Purifier customer care team is always to help. We have listed the phone numbers and a few other contact details below. Feel free to reach out to their support team if you are facing any issues with AO Smith Water Purifiers. (more…)

HUL Pureit Customer Care Information

hul pureitPureit is a solution by Hindustan Unilever for India’s water purification needs. It is the world’s largest selling purifier brand and has its presence in many countries apart form India. They have a wide range of water purifying products designed for both home and commercial use.
HUL Pureit Customer care numbers and email addresses are given below. You may use these to contact their support team for any queries or complaints related to Pureit products. If you want a free demo, you can check the free demo link that’s available on their official website. (more…)

Kent Water Purifier Customer Care, Toll free Number

Kent manufactures a wide range of water purifiers in India. Some of their RO and UV water purifiers are the most loved water purifiers by their customers. Below we have the Kent Customer care details which will be useful for any issues with their water purifiers. (more…)

Tata Swach Customer Care, Support Numbers

Tata Swach is a water purifier manufactured by Tata. This purifier is the most awarded purifier in the world and has some set standards to give you the best clean water. Unlike other water purifiers, it does not require electricity or running water. Hence your hassles are less and you end up wasting less amount of time in setting up the purifier. (more…)

Aquaguard Customer Care Number | Aquaguard Email Support Address

aquaguard customer careAquaguard is the brand for the water purifiers manufactured by Eureka Forbes. They are one of the most popular and highly sold purifiers in  India. These highly efficient water purifiers are used by almost all households in India. Eureka Forbes has a wide range of purifiers (RO, UV, etc) and you can choose one depending on the water hardness in your area and your family size.
We have provided the customer care number and email address for contacting Aquaguard customer support team. Feel free to use these details if you have any questions or concerns regarding their water purifiers.